Quality Policy Statement

MQG (Metro Quarry Group) is the largest independent sand supplier in Victoria. Products quarried by MQG are supplied to major state and private infrastructure projects, commercial and residential building works, road projects, turf projects and various other uses.

MQG is committed to providing the highest possible quality and reliability of service in the production and distribution of all our products, including high grade silica sand to obtain new customers and retain existing ones.

MQG is committed to the continuous improvement in quality with the goal of meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Improvement in quality is the job and obligation of every MQG employee. Our commitment to quality improvement will lower cost by eliminating errors, resulting in the best service at lowest cost with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

To achieve the above, MQG will:

  • Make quality work the joint responsibility of management and employees. Our commitment is to utilise every available means to do right the first time;
  • Maintain quality goals and objectives as set out in the strategic plan;
  • Apply a quality planning system to ensure effective implementation of every new program to meet customer expectations, design specifications and our quality goals;
  • Commit to an on-going training program for all new and existing employees;
  • Promote quality awareness and employee involvement in quality; and
  • Continually improve our quality management system.