Health & Safety Policy Statement

MQG (Metro Quarry Group) is the largest independent sand supplier in Victoria. Products quarried by MQG are supplied to major state and private infrastructure projects, commercial and residential building works, road projects, turf projects and various other uses.

MQG is committed to the elimination of injuries and work-related illnesses for all people associated with our activities. No business objective will come before health and safety. It is fundamental to our success as a business.

We strive for a culture which ensures the health and safety of all personnel though visible safety leadership, resources, processes, education and a demonstrated commitment to this policy.

We shall:

  • Promote a culture in which all employees and contractors share our commitment;
  • Implement, communicate, maintain and monitor health and safety policies, procedures and systems that support our focus on providing a safe and healthy workplace;
  • Provide adequate resources to enable full implementation of our policies, procedures and systems;
  • Comply with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, guidelines and other relevant requirements;
  • Provide adequate information, instruction, training and competent supervision;
  • Consult with and involve employees and their health and safety representatives in the development and implementation of effective health and safety programs and procedures;
  • Respond promptly to the management and investigation of hazards, injuries, near miss and other health and safety incidents;
  • Monitor workplace health and safety conditions with a commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce OHS risks;
  • Ensure all plant, equipment and materials are fit for use and maintained in a safe condition;
  • Set, monitor and communicate our progress against measurable objectives and improvement targets for health and safety; and
  • Always seek improvement in the way we manage health and safety in our workplaces.

Everyone has the responsibility and accountability to maintain a safe work environment, and to identify, report and manage hazards and risks associated with our work.

This OHS policy is reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to MQG operations. A copy of the current OHS policy shall be displayed at all MQG offices and sites.

Safety is a part of our business, not a separate entity!