Quality & Responsibility

Quality control and laboratory services at MQG

At MQG our quality control process is fundamental to delivering high quality speciality sands. Lead by our Quality Coordinator, Donna Romano, the MQG Laboratory team sample and test all products as they are produced. This means that all sand from each of our quarries is assessed for quality, for consistency, and to ensure that the product meets our strict standards. Typical tests include particle size distribution (PSD) and analysing clay and fine silt content.

Our laboratory team also play a key role in developing and testing new products and designing custom blends. Metro Quarry Group’s Quality Management System has been certified to ISO 9001.

Read our Quality Policy Statement here

Our commitment to the environment

Metro Quarry Group recognises that all businesses must play their part in reducing environmental impact. We aim to continuously improve our mining processes and production activities to reduce waste and minimise pollution, and actively work to avoid environmental damage.

We aim to protecting the natural environment where possible and conserve valued natural heritage. We have ongoing programs to restore and rehabilitate the landscape impacted by our mining activities, and we carry out regular tree-planting across areas of our Nyora and Lang Lang quarry sites each year.

We also work closely with the Trust for Nature to allocate and maintain areas of native habitat and wildlife corridors. Metro Quarry Group’s Environment Management System has been certified to ISO 14001.

Read our Environmental Policy Statement here

Health and safety

Safety and our focus on zero harm is the key to everything we do at MQG. It is top of our list of core values and underpins our mining and production activities.

We aim to embed a strong safety culture in our workplaces, where the wellbeing of our employees, subcontractors and visitors is always a priority.

To support this we have developed a robust safety management system that incorporates the principles of continuous improvement and ensures health and safety is an integral feature of our business operations. Metro Quarry Group’s OHS Management System has been certified to ISO 45001.

Read our Health & Safety Policy Statement here