Drone-based mapping and digital transformation at MQG

29 Sep

Digital transformation in quarrying is here to stay. One example is the use of drones and emerging mapping technologies that have revolutionised the way we gather data and manage our quarries at Lang Lang and Nyora.

Across the industry new ways are being found to apply drone technology to everything from site surveying and inventory management to environmental monitoring.

It is now easier than ever to use drones equipped with sophisticated GPS in conjunction with cloud-based photogrammetry to build up highly detailed 3D maps of the quarry. These are used to understand and plan how the sand is being extracted and how much raw material is being stored in stockpiles across the site.

Surveying is always going to be a critical part of any mining operation and drone based surveys are cost effective, very accurate, and easy to carry out on a regular basis. Once the drone is launched the mapping fly-over is largely automated. This means that we can manage the entire workflow in-house and then use a cloud software platform, Propeller for example, to analyse hundreds of images and generate detailed visualisations and maps in a fraction of the time of traditional ground based surveying.