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Metro Quarry Group

Metro Quarry Group (MQG) is a privately owned medium sized sand extractive and processing company, operating in Victoria. MQG supplies a variety of sand products to the Melbourne and greater Victorian construction and landscaping markets. The sand products are used to make construction materials such as concrete, road surfacing, roof tiles, construction mortar. We also have a large range of products for sports field construction and for landscaping purposes, such as subsurface drainage, manége arenas and top dressing for lawns.

The industry sectors that MQG proudly supplies to include

  • Civil Construciton
  • Industrial
  • Roads and Transport
  • Residential
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Commercial Construction

MQG also proudly supports local community groups, and is a respected equal opportunity employer with a commitment to best industry practices

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Proud Supplier to and Industry partners of

MQG, the largest independent extractive sand quarry in Victoria